Yoga Classes

The art of Hatha Yoga is an ancient practice of self development which uses a variety of body postures, conscious breathing & concentration of the mind to develop greater strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and concentration. A regular practice of yoga can help relieve stress and pain while promoting overall health for the whole being.

Our classes draw inspiration and guidance from B.K.S Iyenar’s teachings and methods which assist the student in experiencing the full benefits of a practice.  Proper alignment and correct action of the posture, as well as the use of yoga props, help assist the student, open the body and increase flexibility while protecting the student from injury.

Our yoga classes also incorporate Qigong (Chigong) exercises and meditation techniques to help relax the body & mind, open joints, enhance greater sensitivity, increase micro- circulation, and facilitate the flow of vital energy.

Beginning Yoga ~ Monday evenings                      6 to 7pm                                                                                   Hatha Yoga Basics ~ Great for beginners         or ongoing students

Gentle /Qigong ~ Tuesday Mornings          9:30 to 10:30 am                                                       Self massage, qigong exercises, breathwork  & flowing yoga routines.


For more information                                                                      contact Deborah ~ 816 9669659

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