Essential Oils/Classes

Essential Oils are the aromatic compounds extracted from plants which have many wondrous benefits for the whole being.  They have been a long time staple in my wellness cabinet. I use them for preventive care, treatment care, beauty, household cleaning, pest control and emotional and mental support.

Recently I have been introduced to doTerra Brand of Essential oils and I must say I am greatly impressed and enthusiastic about these oils.

Yoga Barn is now a doTerra Health Advocate Center and will be hosting ongoing informative classes on the many benefits and applications of essential oils.

For more information on oils and doTerra and how you can make purchases at a wholesale price go to:

 Free Class! Introduction to Essential Oils!                Thursday   ~ June 22  ~ 6:30 pm

Come to our free essential oils class at the Yoga Barn.  This will be an introduction to some basic  oils,  with  information about their properties and uses.

Stacie Robertson, my friend and sponsor, and owner of the Tea Market in Crestwood, is coming out to share her enthusiasm and knowledge on Essentail Oils and the doTerra Company.   She is a great teacher, I know, for I have taken her classes on tea!  This will be a very interesting and informative class with plenty of smelling and dabbing and  girl gabbing.  I will be serving up Tea Market cold brew tea.  We hope to see you.

If interested in coming to the class please email me, Deborah ~


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