Essential Oils/Classes

De-Stress the Body & Mind                                                  The Power of  Essential Oils                                               Wed Evening ~  August 2 ~  7 to 9pm   ~                        free class

This class will explore the power of Essential Oils to relieve tension from the mind and body.

Our make up consists of  more than just a mechanical, or physical aspect.  We are a Spirit hosting a Soul wearing a Body.  Vibrational Medicines such as accupunture, qigong, healing touch and essential oils recognize  and address our subtle as well as the physical aspects our Being.  Most ancient healing practices, and even modern medicine today, recognize the correlation between mental stress and physical ailment, pain and chronic disease.

Because essential oils hold a bio-electric frequency and affect us on a bio-electric level, the level of qi, they have the capacity to raise the frequency of the human body and restore it to a healthy resonance, while bringing balance to the mind, emotions and the spirit.  We can use them directly, aromatically, and internally to achieve amazing results.

So come on by for a free class.  I will share some simple, yet profound tools I have found useful, over the years, to help relives stress and tension.  Relax in the Yoga Barn’s peaceful atmosphere while we will enjoy some calming tea & music, breath in and apply some do-Terra  essential oils,  learn some simple relaxation exercises and share  some good company.

I love these wondrous gifts, valued throughout history for their many uses.  They have been a long time staple in my wellness cabinet. I use them for preventive care, treatment care, beauty care, household cleaning, pest control and emotional and mental support.  I love to share the many benefits of these oils with friends and neighbors.

please register for class and reserve your space(s) via email.  thankyou


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